RMH series high-speed multi-station rotary joint

Hydrostatic bearing design independently.  Special design of the hydraulic oil and air.  Vent to control leakage, depends on the pressure  shaft secondary seal.

Different fluid design mainly provides customers of the special application requirements.

The shell for aluminum alloy is to lose weight.  Shaft made of alloy steel.

Special design for high speed.  If you have technical questions, please inquire the local vendors

Max. Hydraulic Pressure  200 BAR

Min. Hydraulic Pressure  3 BAR

Max. Air Pressure   8 BAR

Maximum Speed  3,000 RPM 3,000 rpm/min-1

Max. Temperature  80°C

RMH type product model

PortFluid medium RangemodelPressureSpeed
2 channelHydraulic oilG1/4''RMH-F060030HP23.0MPa-21MPa3000RPM
3 channelHydraulic oilG1/4''RMH-F060030HP33.0MPa-21MPa3000RPM
4 channelHydraulic oilG1/4''RMH-F060030HP43.0MPa-21MPa3000RPM
3 channel(2oil+1 air)Hydraulic oil + airG1/4''RMH-060030H2A13.0MPa-21MPa3000RPM
4 channe(3oil+1 air)Hydraulic oil + airG1/4''RMH-060030H3A13.0MPa-21MPa3000RPM
RMH series high speed high pressure rotary joint:3000 r/min; 80℃; 21Mpa; Hydraulic oil


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