K series high speed and high pressure rotary joint

K系列旋转接头是一种专门用于中、高速高压多通路设备的一种旋转接头, 服务于加工中心旋转工作台、液压工作站、卷取机、风力发电机、离心机等设备。


两只宽大高精度轴承支撑,运转平稳, 轴承终生无需维护; 高速高压密封结构,无密封圈接触磨损, 确保产品长期无故障运转;


采用特殊产品结构,高速运转时无摩擦热产生; 转动扭矩不受工作压力和温度的影响;

转速工作范围广,可在最高转速可达5000 RPM; 排泄孔设计,防止泄漏至外部影响环境;

能为客户量身定制所需要的产品; 技术参数:

最高转速:3000 r/ min      温度范围:10 ~+ 80 ℃     最大压力:25 Mpa  工作介质: 液压油等流体介质

K Series are multi-way rotary joints designed for middle and high speed high-pressure applications. They are used on machining center revolving tables, hydraulic workstations, coiling machines, wind generators, centrifugal machines and etc. ial carbon steel. If other material is required, please inform beforehand.

Main Features:

Supported by double high-precision maintenance-free bearings for high stability.

Special sealing structure designed for high-speed and high-pressure application that provides prolonged failure-free operation.

Low rotation torque.

Special structure to  be  free from friction heat under high speed. Running torque unaffected by working pressure and temperature change. Max working speed up to 5000RPM.

Drainage hole design to avoid exterior contamination. Customization available for different customer applications.

Technical Ratings

Max Speed:3000 r/min     Temperature:10~+80℃     Max     Pressure:25Mpa Media:Hydraulic Oil

K series product model

DNRangeMedium1-channels2-channels3-channels4- channels
08G1/4''Hydraulic oilK01008AK02008K03008K04008
10G3/8''Hydraulic oilK01010AK02010K03010K04010
15G1/2''Hydraulic oilK01015AK02015K03015K04015
20G3/4''Hydraulic oilK01020AK02020K03020K04020
25G1''Hydraulic oilK01025AK02025K03025
32G1-1/4''Hydraulic oilK01032A
40G1-1/2''Hydraulic oilK01040A
K series High-speed and high-pressure hydraulic rotary joint:3000 r/min; 80℃;25Mpa;


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